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Contractor Take Home Pay: Perks of an Umbrella Company

Introduction: An umbrella company is a standard company that recruits contractors with the help of a recruiting agency for working on assignments. Umbrella companies sign a contract with these recruiting agencies who supply them with contractors. These contracts work with the company on a fixed term contract. They are supposed to complete the assigned work Read more »

How to Increase Contractor Take Home Pay?

Nearly every contractor is looking for some improvement in the take-home pay, however, asking for the same is quite uncomfortable. They may feel awkward and it involves a lot of embracement and some even fear their professional relationships turning negative. But what if you don’t ask for it? Definitely, you would never know about it. Read more »

What Questions You Should Ask The Contractors Of The Umbrella Company?

Before you start off, you need to know that you need to compare the various umbrella companies and this exactly how you will be able to find the best umbrella company for you. You should make sure that he finds reputed and reliable PAYE umbrella schemes because these are the ones that you can actually Read more »