How Much Pay Will You Take Home a Contractor with An Umbrella Company

Introduction To Contractor’s Pay

For any job, the primary thing we note is how much pay we take home at the end of the day. This is a common expectation for any employee. If you are looking for a career in contracting, then you can expect your pay take home in two different ways. They are PAYE which is Pay As You Earn scheme or second one is as a sole trader. Another option is to join hands with an umbrella company where they sort the income tax and national insurance contributions too. How much you earn as a contractor also depends on factors like assignment rate, duration of assignments, frequency of assignments and business expenses in the assignment. With an Umbrella company, we know exactly what we claim for and helps to maximize the income to the higher extent. Handy contractor  calculator helps to calculate how much a contractor can earn with an Umbrella company. It helps to decide the best means of earning more.

Benefits of joining an Umbrella company

Joining an umbrella company is one of the best means to earn more. It takes care of all the admin works related to your company. So you can easily take care of other works involved in your business. Umbrella company helps to sort out our payments in a better way, making us not to worry about it. As a contractor, your job is simply to upload the timesheet into the portal and wait for the payroll day, where you get the payment done on time by the umbrella company as per its agreement.

Another major advantage of working with an umbrella company is to not worry about permanently leaving the employment. You can still enjoy all the rights and benefits as before say sickness, holiday, maternity leave and payments, paternity pay and many more. Another benefit is that as a contractor , you will have the ability to claim and reimburse business costs as long as you are employed and part of the assignment. It depends on the type of assignment you are into. The claim is determined by the HMRC guidelines. Client billable expenses, business costs, mileage and business expenses can be claimed without any hassle if you choose to work with an umbrella company. Business costs include electronic equipments, parking, training and text books. Mileage applies to the mode of transport expenses of  cars, vans, motorbikes and bicycles. The Approved Mileage allowance payments(AMAP) can be claimed very easily with proper proof submission. As long as it is outside IR35, one can claim all expenses, tax and NIC.